20' x 32' In Factory Office

Commencement: May 2007

Completion: September 2007

Square Footage: 520

Modules: 2

Atlantic Wallboard

Scope of Work:

Atlantic Wallboard Limited required the supply, and installation of a finished laboratory / office enclosure within an existing warehouse. This project was time sensitive as the laboratory needed to be onsite and usable for the end of August in order to meet the demands of a new production facility that was going into operation.

Major Design Build Components:

Initially Kent Homes was provided with a floor plan from the clients and a request for a prefabricated metal building. 

Kent Homes researched to meet the clients end specifications while providing a modular solution. 

Working with the client, and speciality subcontractors, designs for the ventilation, mechanical and electrical system were produced. There was a great deal of focus on ensuring that the laboratory equipment would have the correct temperature, and air quality operating environment, while simultaneously letting the offices and meeting rooms exists comfortably in the same space.  An added challenge was to protect the workers from the noise of an operational production facility surrounding it.


From here Kent Homes proceeded with the manufacturing, installation and completion of the modular laboratory. The end result is a 280 sq ft of office space and a 252 sq ft laboratory c/w casework, stainless steel counter’s, humidity cabinets and workspace.