Complete it 30% to 50% sooner

Kent Commercial’s modular construction offers genuine timeline benefits that can be money savers and project savers.

Accelerated timelines mean reduced borrowing costs, faster return on investment and increased profit potential.

Year round construction and our ability to tackle the majority of your build while your site is still being prepared will cut your total construction time by up to half.

Our well-established relationship with suppliers, trades and specialists in the fields, will keep your project moving ahead on schedule.

In addition, better supply chain management means more buying power, discounts that get passed along to you.

Every project is unique – and every timeline is unique.

On average, your project can be completed in as little as 12-14 weeks from the time of order to start of delivery.

With Kent Commercial as your partner, build more with the same size crew, while maintaining the high quality you’ve built your reputation on.


When it comes to educational facilities, learn why customized modular solutions are at the head of the class. As your community needs shift and grow, we can provide a quick, cost-effective, healthy and safe environment where kids can grow and learn.