24' x 38' Classroom Mobiles

Commencement: April 2008

Completion: August 2008

Square Footage: 912

Modules: 38

Classrooms: 19

Department of Supply & Service

Scope of Work:

An RFQ was issued by the Department of Supply & Services in March of 2008 for Modular Classrooms. These contracts were issued under three separate RFQ’s for the varied districts involved.  The DSS required the supply, delivery and installation of 19 modular classrooms to provide additional classroom space throughout their districts.

With the school year commencing in September, class sizes constantly changing and site work required on 11 different sites, modular was truly the only solution. From contract signing to completed modular  product installed at the first schools was a 7 week time line. 

Major Design Build Components:

Kent Homes was provided with engineered shop drawings and a full specification and tender package. From their Kent Homes proceeded to price all 38 of the modules to meet the clients requirements, while arranging the scheduling to provide finished product to multiple sites in a short time span. 

Kent Homes was the successful low bidder on all three tenders. Initial meetings were held with the client to iron out all issues, concerns and responsibilities. Plant tours were conducted and the client had regular access to inspect product through all stages of manufacturing.

From this point forward Kent Homes moved ahead with manufacturing all 38 modules. Once produced the client reviewed all product here at the production facility to deal with any issues before the product hit the site. Kent Homes then proceeded with the delivery and installation of all modules to their various locations throughout the province. The end product was 19 fully functional 912 sq ft classrooms c/w mechanical ventilation that went into use in September 2008.