120 Person Workers Accommodation

Commencement: March 2009

Completion: June 2009

Square Footage: 16,250

Modules: 20

Bedrooms: 120

Bull Arm Camp

Scope of Work:

East Coast Catering Ltd. required the design, fabrication and supply of a workers accommodation to house employees during a drill platform retrofit. The camp was to include sleeping accommodations c/w private washrooms for both labor and management forces for 120 employees, as well as lounges and laundry areas. All of these facilities were contained in 20 modules.

The project was time sensitive as the installation of these units had to be finalized to align with the platform shutdown and employee arrival in Bull Arm Newfoundland. From contract signing to completed modular product available for delivery was only a 9 week time line.

Major Design Build Components:

Kent Homes was provided with a rough estimate on the number of persons to be housed from the clients and a request for design and quotation.

Kent Homes proceeded to work on design components, creating a camp that would meet the short term needs of the client and provide a product that could be re-used in the long term over and again. The building was designed to take the extreme weather and moisture conditions that coastal NFLD experience, while being able to be manufactured in a tight timeline. Design sessions and cooperative relations between the clients representatives and Kent Homes resulted in a solution that met the deadlines with a superior product.

Upon completion of client approved design Kent Homes moved ahead with manufacturing all 20 modules in one block of the production line. The end product included installed fire alarm system, electrical supply, mechanical and ventilation, casework, and furniture. The 120 man facility was fully occupied as of June 2009.