73 Person Workforce Accommodation

Commencement: December 2009

Completion: June 2010

Square Footage: 18,720

Modules: 26

Bedrooms: 73

Commercial Kitchen, Dining Area, Recreational Facility

Labrador Iron Mines

Scope of Work:

East Coast Catering Ltd. required the design, fabrication and supply of a workers accommodation to house employees of the Schefferville mining camp. The camp located in north eastern Quebec  was to include sleeping accommodations c/w private washrooms for both labor and management forces for 73 employees. Being remote in location this camp also needed to provide full dining—kitchen and recreation facilities for the employees, as well as lounges and laundry areas. All of these facilities were contained in 26 modules.

Major Design Build Components:

Kent Homes was provided with a rough estimate on the number of persons to be housed from the clients and a request for design and quotation. Kent Homes proceeded to work on design components, creating a camp that would meet the needs of the client and provide a product that could be transported over rough terrain and survive the harsh northern elements for years to come.

Upon completion of client approved design Kent Homes moved ahead with manufacturing all 26 modules. The end product included 73 private accommodations, a fully outfitted commercial kitchen—dining area and recreational facility for 73 persons. Complete with installed fire alarm system, electrical supply, mechanical and ventilation, casework, and furniture.

The 73 man facility was then transported over rail by the clients logistic company to the remote town of Schefferville Quebec—it was installed there with heavy equipment to house the force needed for the direct shipping ore expansion.