60' x 32' Two Storey Daycare

Commencement: May 2011

Completion: December 2011

Square Footage: 3840

Modules: 2

5 Age Zones c/w Kitchen, Dining Area, Mudrooms & Full Ramps

Little Genius Daycare

Scope of Work:

Sarah Thornton approached Kent Commercial in spring of 2011 hoping to build a large scale Daycare facility to meet the growing need in the Fredericton area. 

She required a company that could provide the site works—foundation and fabrication of  a complete project in time for back to school season.  This Daycare would not only meet the needs of preschool aged children but run a large after school program. This project required a lot of collaboration between the officials in various areas to ensure a product that met the maximum in safety, accessibility and function for its residents, as well as providing a bright and beautiful space to be. 

Major Design Build Components:

A great deal of time was spent in this project working  backwards from known requirements. Kent Homes started knowing how much square footage it needed for each child group—some general idea of how the spaces had to flow into each other for safety and functionality and the requirements of the kitchen and bathrooms for the occupancy level. 

A split level foundation was desired in order to maximize the potential space available for the client, but this would increase site works. After a great deal of communication between client, Kent Homes and architect, and a few hold ups with final approvals from city, a final design was reached.

From there Kent Homes manufactured the modules in September of 2011 hitting the site in October of 2011 for a final walk through and completion date of  December 2011. Children were welcomed to Little Geniuses Daycare in January of 2012 for the first time.