Create a better daycare, school and classroom environment

When it comes to educational facilities, learn why customized Kent Commercial modular solutions are at the head of the class.

As your community needs shift and grow, Kent Commercial can provide a quick, cost-effective, healthy and safe environment where kids can grow and learn. 

Off-site construction means faster turnaround, increased safety and reduced site disruption.

From daycares to portable classrooms to additions to complete schools, Kent Commercial works closely with private businesses and government agencies to meet your specific needs.

When those needs change, our flexible, modular designs will allow you to easily expand and modify your buildings, or relocate them to a different site.


The Kent Commercial advantage is customization:


Come to us with your specific requirements and we will work closely with you to design, engineer and manufacture exactly what your project demands.

We can also equip you with everything you need - furnishings, equipment and appliances - so it all arrives loaded and secure.


Kent Commercial Education modular solutions include:

  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • Classrooms

Custom Projects

Whatever your potential project is, talk to Kent Commercial about a customized solution for your specific building needs. With our resources and depth of experience, we work quickly and efficiently to solve a wide range of construction, climate and transportation challenges.

Site Facilities

The specialized structures you’re looking for. Our durable, custom-built, flexible structures are easy to transport and easier to install. Take advantage of the faster turnaround and streamlined set-up.